Do you feel like you show to much gum tissue when you smile?

Many people feel self conscious when they smile. They often times cover their mouth with their hand when they smile and feel the need to check pictures to make sure they weren’t smiling too big. They also say they have a posed smile where they control the position of their lip. If this is you, we can help!

There are several reasons why you may show too much gums when you smile.

  • Short teeth (altered eruption of your teeth during development)
  • Vertical Maxillary Excess (skeletal reasons)
  • Hyper-mobile lip (your lip muscles pull harder then others)

Recent studies have shown that women in the United States prefer to show 3mm of gum tissue or less and men prefer to show 1mm or less during a maximum smile.

How can we help you?

As Periodontal Specialists, Dr. Blasingame have extensive training to help give you the smile you want. After a comprehensive smile and facial analysis, the Doctors will come up with a personalized treatment plan to fit your unique needs and wants. There are several treatments for gummy smiles…

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Lip Repositioning

This is a cutting edge procedure that has become an option for patients with a gummy smile. Currently, Dr. Blasingame is the only surgeon in the North State offering this procedure. For people with hyper-mobile lip, and minor cases of vertical maxillary excess, the lip can be repositioned into the ideal place to give you the smile you have always wanted. Not everyone is a candidate for lip repositioning, but after a comprehensive smile analysis, Dr. Blasingame can determine the best treatment for you.

Crown Lengthening

For people with short teeth, esthetic crown lengthening can make a world of difference. Dr. Blasingame have advanced training in esthetic crown lengthening to optimize your smile and predictably give you the outcome you want. In most cases, it is not actually that the tooth is too short, the teeth appear short because there is too much gum tissue over them. To correct this, the extra tissue is removed and the bone is reshaped to an ideal position. In some cases people also get crown veneers (done by your general dentist), to idealized the shape and color of their teeth as well.

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