Sedation Dentistry
Your comfort is our priority.

To help you have the best experience possible, we offer different types of sedation to ease you through your procedure.

Oral Sedation

The majority of the procedures we do can be completed using oral sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). In order to do oral sedation, a prescription is given to you, a small amount to take the night before and more the morning of the surgery. This medication is intended to help you get a good nights sleep and make you feel calm and relaxed. In many cases, people don’t remember the procedure.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous sedation (IV sedation) is used for longer procedures or for people with a higher level of anxiety about the procedure. This type of sedation will not “put you to sleep” but it safely reduces your level of anxiety to the point where you will most likely fall asleep. To keep you safe during IV sedation, we monitor your heart function with an EKG monitor, your blood pressure, and your blood oxygen levels. To do IV sedation, an intravenous line is established in one of your veins. Usually in your hand or your arm. IV fluids are given and various medications are delivered through the IV line. The medications delivered are customized to each person until the desired level of sedation is achieved. Dr. Blasingame is currently the only Periodontist in Redding that offers IV sedation.

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